KidVentures Therapy Services

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Therapy Services

5524 Bee Caves Road
Building L
Austin, Texas 78746
tel 512.327.4499
fax 512.327.4495


KidVentures Therapy Services is a warm, welcoming, child-friendly environment. It is a place where children can feel at ease, have fun, and look forward to their sessions. The setting at KidVentures facilitates individualized intervention aimed at meeting specific treatment goals within the context of play. KidVentures is comprised of 6000 square feet and includes a variety of spaces which make it possible to meet your child’s needs whether their bodies/systems require the busy active gym or one of our quieter, less stimulating spaces.

The rooms and spaces at KidVentures consist of:

A child-friendly waiting room where children and their families can wait comfortably. Couches and chairs, reading materials for adults and children, and a variety of toys and play centers provide entertainment or a place to rest and get some quiet time while your child is participating in his/her therapy session.

Transition area where kids begin and end their therapy sessions. Kids often start therapy by removing their shoes and creating an “activity plan” for the session. Within this context, kids are able to work on self-care skills, sequencing, organization, handwriting, and social skills.

The long hallway – every space is utilized at KidVentures! You will often see children scooterboarding, running, skipping, hopping, jumping, crabwalking, and transitioning down the hallway using unique movements created by kids and staff.

2 gym areas filled with swings, air cushions, trampolines, sensory bins, a scooterboard ramp, safety mats, crash mats, pillows, and toys. The gyms are easily transformed to accommodate a variety of sensory rich interventions such as obstacle courses, group games, and fun individualized activities.

The Fort equipped with monkey bars, a zip track and fireman’s pole we built this fort so that our kids can work on playground skills that are often challenging for them.

Speech-language rooms contain a variety of materials, games, and toys utilized to tailor intervention for your child.

Handwriting area containing various programs and materials to accommodate your child’s handwriting needs.

An art and sensory room filled with materials and projects that are utilized to improve your child’s fine motor, visual motor, sensory, sequencing, and language skills.

A kitchen for cooking projects used to facilitate development of daily living, sequencing, fine motor, speech-language, and social skills.

Evaluation room containing the most current testing and evaluation materials. This room is specifically set up to minimize distractions and increase accuracy of test standardization.

Outdoor area used for recreational activities such as bike riding and sports skills. We also use the outdoor area for practicing playground games such as hopscotch, 4 square, and jump rope.

Conference room provides a private area for you to discuss your child’s progress with their therapist. This room also serves as a library and resource room for parents, students, and staff.

We welcome and encourage visits to the clinic. Feel free to call to schedule a time in which you can tour the facility and meet some of the friendly staff!