KidVentures Therapy Services

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Therapy Services

5524 Bee Caves Road
Building L
Austin, Texas 78746
tel 512.327.4499
fax 512.327.4495


In January 2000, KidVentures Occupational Therapy, P.C. was launched by occupational therapist, Angela Balmer, OTR. Her main goal was to provide quality occupational therapy services to children and families in the Austin area. Over the next 3 years, Angie spent time traveling to homes to provide these services and eventually had a small clinic as her business grew and requests for services increased. During this time, Angie crossed paths professionally with Jennifer Thomas, MS, OTR. They ran into each other at continuing educations seminars and fundraising events and shared many conversations and emails. Jen was providing group occupational therapy sessions at a private school as well as her own private individual therapy sessions. In addition, Jen and Angie had the pleasure of working together when Jen provided contract therapy services to clients at KidVentures Occupational Therapy, P.C.

Through these experiences, Jen and Angie found that they shared a common philosophy, loved working with children and had a lot of fun together. Their styles of working with children and families complemented each other and their enthusiasm of working together was clear. Their common mission, work ethic and values were put together in September 2003, as Jen and Angie combined their individual practices and occupational therapy expertise to create KidVentures Therapy Services. Over the years, the addition of speech-language therapy, feeding therapy, camps, specialized groups and a great staff has made KidVentures a great place to be. Their main goal, which continues to grow stronger with each passing year, is to create a positive experience for all of those involved with KidVentures. An environment of respect for clients and staff alike is what anyone will find when walking through the doors of KidVentures Therapy Services!