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Intensive Intervention

From the Alexander family in Round Rock, TX:

For our family, the intensive burst of OT was [a] great decision. The relationship between our son and Jen Thomas is tremendous, and a lot of that had to do with his schedule of four sessions a week. They developed a chemistry that he never had going to OT once a week, and his results were off the charts.

In eight weeks, our son completed 32 occupational therapy sessions at KidVentures, equal to going once a week for the entire academic year. But since we have done OT in both settings, we know there is a difference. There’s a difference because there is no down time for the kid in the intensive setting … they work hard each and every day and build on the things they learned because it stays fresh in their mind, they enjoy coming to OT more since it becomes a daily routine. There’s a difference because of KidVentures … the way they approach Sensory Processing Disorder, the way they connect with each person and family that walks through the doors.

The amount of progress he made from the first week of sessions to the conclusion was amazing. His balance, stamina, self-control, self-awareness, ability to plan out and complete tasks, his use of descriptive words, and his actions had all improved dramatically. Bottom line: he’s a completely different kid! Family, friends and pretty much anyone that knew our son before his intensive OT burst has mentioned how much of a change they can see in his overall demeanor. He is joyful and more at ease. As his parents, we could not ask for a better gift.