KidVentures Therapy Services

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Therapy Services

5524 Bee Caves Road
Building L
Austin, Texas 78746
tel 512.327.4499
fax 512.327.4495

We focus on the child, family and community.

KidVentures Therapy Services is a small, private, therapist-owned clinic that provides pediatric occupational therapy and speech-language pathology services. We offer a variety of programs to meet your child’s needs, including individualized occupational therapy evaluations and intervention, individualized speech-language evaluations and intervention, feeding therapy, consultation, school visits, small group therapy, and camps.

Our dynamic staff have diverse qualities and training enabling them to meet a variety of needs. All of our therapists have a strong core education and background within their specific fields. In addition, our therapists hold a number of higher-level certifications and trainings in specialty areas of practice. KidVentures is dedicated to the continuing education of its therapists. Our therapists often attend courses and workshops, which allows them to continue to diversify their expertise and stay up to date with the most current research, philosophies, practice, and treatment techniques. Complementing our highly trained therapists, we have wonderful support staff who are all devoted to facilitating a positive experience for you and your child.

KidVentures is committed to furthering the education of future therapists. We work with several local universities to provide a place for students to fulfill internships. Students are able to learn about the fields of occupational therapy and speech-language pathology through volunteering and shadowing our therapists. KidVentures is also a place where occupational therapy students from across the country are able to fulfill fieldwork required to complete their degrees.

In addition, KidVentures provides service to the community. KidVentures helped establish the TOPSoccer program, which gives kids with special needs the opportunity to participate in a sport and learn about team work. Board membership at the Capitol School of Austin gives us an opportunity to provide expertise and be actively involved with a school that specializes in teaching children who have speech and language difficulties. The owners and staff at KidVentures also engage in public speaking, school in-service training, and parent education.

Our direct work with children, our commitment to furthering our own knowledge and education, our investment in future therapists, and our work within the community are all examples of our devotion to helping children. We strive to assist children achieve their goals through the development of functional skills as part of their foundation for future growth. Helping children meet their goals and empowering families and those involved in the children’s lives, facilitates success for all the children who walk through the door at KidVentures!